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Links to other sites

If u have a reboot site and you want me to post it on here just email me at and Iíll post a link to it.

Rebootmayhem- Home to I look to the boards. This is a really cool reboot site. It has just about every reboot thing you need. Some of the downloads on the site sometimes donít work but other then that itís really good site.  Hosted by Mayhem(of course)

Mainframe Elementary- Cool site It has a comic section. (non-reboot). The site also has some fanfics written by ebehr. (They are really good). There are some nice non-reboot art on this site too and it also has a reboot music video.

The Mouse Hole- Neat site. It has lots of pics. And All I can say about it is Mouse, Mouse, and more Mouse.  So if youíre a Mouse fan then check it out, youíll love this site. There is also some cool mouse fan art here too.

The Toonami Connection- Big fan of Toonami? This is the site for you. This site has a really cool layout. And it has all your favorite Toonami shows with pics, music, and more. Check it out!!!