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OkÖ.OkÖ.to whoever is reading this. Yeah I figure I tell some things about my site and my site building history. Well Iím not one to follow rules. Yeah Iíve had about five accounts canceled. And on this site my media files are on different hosting severs. So if u bookmark the site, donít bookmark the site on any of the download pages. Yes I said I have more then one hosting accounts. Tripod is where most of the site is, but itís only problem is that they donít allow media files and off site linking. So I put the media files on two different accounts using two different web hosting severs. One of them came with my dsl internet Iím using right now. And the other account is on Itís a new hosting company. My fav hosting company was xoom, but nbci brought them out and then stopped hosting sites. I used Microsoft Word to make this site and itís not my first site. My first site was a dbz site hosted on xoom but they shut down and then my computer crashed and I lost the site. And I have a Neon Genesis Evangelion site up but itís kind of messed up Iím having trouble with the title that shows up in the browser. Iím using Microsoft FrontPage to make it.


A lot of the stuff on the site is made by other ppl. But the pics in the links area I made myself. I created this site after members from I look at the boards said I should start a reboot site. So I did and donít worry Iíve got a lot to upload itís just finding the time to upload it all.

Ok my internet went out for 3 months. Iíve got it back now, but during that time stop hosting my site and so did sbc so now Iím looking for new download severs.

And why did I make the site this way. Well I wanted to create a reboot site like no other. One thatís different from the restÖ..

Well uhhhÖÖÖÖ..@_@ thatís all I have to sayÖÖÖÖ

Awww isnít she cute!!!!!