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Some of these forums arenít mine. They are other peoples.

The Unknown Boards- Yay Iíve got my own forums. These boards are for my sites I have on the internet. So come by here if u want to meet the Fanfic writers and artist off my sites. Yes, I said sites. I have a Neon Genesis Evangelion site and a Reboot site. Iím going to put up a Princess Mononoke soon too. And Iím going to have more up soon. Also come here to give site feedback or if u want me to put something on the site. These boards are half reboot and half anime. And yes Iím going to try and get a better name for these boards.

I look to the boards-These boards are hosted by the website rebootmayhem. The admin is mayhem. This board gets very crazy at times. Itís the first message board I ever joined.

Anime Forever-This is an anime forum, but it has a reboot board. Itís small and needs more members to join (please join it) This forum was just made and itís really cool. Talk about anime all you want to. The admin of this forum is Nightblade and Iím a helper admin of these boards.