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Chapter 5: The Conclusion
 (In Which Stuff You Already Know Happens)
Only a short amount of time in Mainframe passed before Bob discovered 
a good outlook for things.  Frisket at last grew into a large junkyard 
dog who enjoyed threatening the Guardian and protecting the diner.  
Enzo bowled over Bob every chance he had just to make sure he had his new 
mentor's attention.  Dot was busy all of the time, yet she still found 
time to help in games.  Megabyte's plans were becoming more clever 
while Hack and Slash became dumber.  Hex kept to herself most of the time, 
yet that did not stop her from going postal on the city every now and 
again.  Through it all, Bob remained the "new sprite in town".  He 
constantly talked about the Super Computer and Guardian Protocol, the stuff 
that had been pounded into his brain since was little.  Enzo would 
listen eagerly and Dot would occasionally roll her eyes.

	It wasn't until he went back to the Super Computer that Bob made a new 
realization.  He had only gone into the armory room with plans to be 
back in Mainframe before Megabyte sliced Dot into three pieces.  As he 
retrieved two golden, floating orbs known as hidden file commands, Bob 
thought about being home for just that moment.  He didn't feel anything.  
He thought he should have been excited or heart ached or at least eager 
to see a familiar face.  Nope.  None of the previous symptoms applied 
to Guardian 452.

	Bob went back to Mainframe and those three emotions swept over him.  
He was happy to be back, and for more of a reason other than saving Dot 
from the long clawed virus who had her cornered.  After putting the 
hidden file command to work, Megabyte was gone so Bob and Dot waited 
before returning to the diner, knowing that would be the fist place MB would 
	"Hey, Dot.  How long have I lived in Mainframe?" the Guardian 
questioned when he realized he had lost track of the seconds.
	"About a minute, I think," she replied (and for the sake of this 
author's sanity, we will just say a minute equals a month and leave it at 
that), "Why?"  He shrugged, then motioned for them to head back to their 

	The diner was a mess.  Enzo hadn't even bothered to try and clean the 
wreck Megabyte had left.  He was too busy sitting in a booth with his 
sister and new friend asking about the Super Computer.

	After Bob described his birthplace to the young sprite, he added, "It 
was nice to visit, but it sure is good to be home."

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