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The Double Crossed





Megabyte takes an unexpected detour on his way to the Web and reunites Dot with a long lost friend from outside the Net.



     “One last double-cross, sugah?” Mouse said as she pushed the button. The tear to the Supercomputer squished, then turned into a portal to the Web. Tentacles reached out and grabbed Megabyte.

    “No. No!” Megabyte cried as he was pulled in. Ray popped out, and the portal closed behind him.

      Megabyte entered the portal, pulled by the chains of the Web. A bright flash of light, and suddenly, he was no longer being pulled in. Everything seemed to stop, then, just as abruptly as it came, he started to fall. Falling, an infinity of falling and shear terror. Then…

       He landed on the ground with an “Oof!”. He was so exhausted from the fall he didn’t get up for several seconds. He was in a stall of some kind. He heard voices not too far away. He pushed the door, only to find it stuck. Angered at this sudden imprisonment, he retracted his claws and slashed the door open. He stepped out, only to find himself in a bathroom!

     “MEGABYTE?!” A beige colored Sprite gasped at him in shock. The taller beige Sprite next to him looked around, confused. “What are you talking about?” He said, cynical of his friend. “Don’t you seem him?! The big blue dude! The evil virus that launched Bob into the Web! He himself was shot into the Web…”

 He rambled on.


        Megabyte, finding his leg somehow healed, walked angrily to the Sprite and picked him up. “Hey!” Both Sprites said at the same time. “Your floating in midair!”, the Sprite said. “You want to see how much I HATE spies?!” He said, raising his already retracted claws to his throat. He heard other voices, outside. Megabyte quickly walked through the door into the hall. Many Sprites, all around 1.4-1.6 were walking around, talking. One girl screamed and pointed to him. Everyone looked, and stared. “Oh my god! He’s floating in midair!” Megabyte looked around angrily, wondering why the Sprite he was holding was the only one who could see him. One Sprite, a tall male, came over to get a closer look. Megabyte threw him into the wall. Everyone gasped, and ran like catelled sheep. Megabyte snarled in satisfaction.

      A sudden flash of light, and he was falling again. A portal below was all that separated him and the infinite darkness. Just before he reached it, his descent stopped. The Sprite he’d been holding, who he’d forgotten all about, began to glow. He rised out of Megabyte’s arms, and a portal to Mainframe appeared. He flew into it, and Megabyte resumed his descent.



    Floating upward, towards the portal. The sprite entered it, the strangest feeling going through his body. A street appeared below him, then he fell towards it. He hit the ground, surprisingly on his feet.

    He looked around and saw crumbled buildings and nulls everywhere. He was standing on a road. The place had a strange feeling of familiar ness to it. He turned around, and gasped.

     He couldn’t believe his eyes. He was standing in the middle of Lost Angles. He saw Dot fly over on a zipboard and land a few feet away. He hid behind a pillar, and watched. A white-skinned Sprite stood there and seemed to be controlling the nulls. They came to a pile, then dissipated. He heard “Give it up.”, from the white-skinned Sprite, then Dot saying something about her father. They had a conversation, their voices low. The sprite turned around and brought the nulls together. They flowed together, then turned into the shape of a Sprite. Then, the green null at the top spoke! “No! You cannot touch me! The nulls.” The null-sprite said to Dot, as she went to hug him.

       Suddenly, a sharp pain hurt his head, and he cried out. They all looked over. He fell to the ground, pain seering his mind. Then, he seemed to be elsewhere, somewhere familiar...


       He was walking into a large auditorium. A green Sprite stood on the platform. “This experiment will revolutionize the Net and will make inter-system travel a convenience.” Everyone applauded. They all seemed excited about something. He pressed a bunch of buttons. “Opening portal, now.” A silvery water surface appeared on the ring standing in the middle of the stage. It started to spin.

       A virus appeared, shimmering in and out of existence. “I am become Gigabyte, destroyer of systems!” The portal sped up, and the virus turned into two, one half on one side of the portal, the other half on the second side. A bright flash of light, then he was thrown against the wall next to the green sprite. His eyes wide, the green sprite pushed him into the portal. He stopped falling in mid-air, as he hit the portal. The world around him began to shimmer, and he saw parts of another room, with two guardians on the floor. Suddenly, the auditorium blew up, and he was blown upwards. As he flew, he saw the city, the shock wave flowing through it. Everything in its path was destroyed. He flew higher, and his vision shimmered. The portal closed in, and he disappeared.

       He screamed. He opened his eyes, sweating. Dot was running towards him. He held his hand to his head, the pain still there but dimming. “Who are you and wha- Chris?” She came over, and lifted my head. “I…” was all that he could say. Dot hugged him. He tried very hard not to cry, but it was difficult. The terror was still with him.

       She hugged him for a long time, Chris getting calmer under Dot's strange, but reassuring warmth. He broke out of the hug, looking scared, yet puzzled. “How do you know my name?” Chris asked, anxious. “I’m Dot, Enzo’s big sister. Don’t you remember? You use to play with Enzo all the time before…” She looked down, even sadder. He looked at her, still puzzled. “You don’t remember, do you? It’s a miracle you’re processing! You’re older. Where have you been?” Chris, not knowing what she was talking about, said "Um, I just got here. I… live outside the Net." He hunched his shoulders in disbelief. "I guess I'm a User. I've never been here before."

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