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Identity Crisis, Part 2

Written by:

Jono Howard

Story by:

Gavin Blair, Phil Mitchell, Ian Pearson

What happen:

Bob repeats "this is bad, very bad". He reboots into a red haired clown with big red shoes. "Dot, aren't you going to reboot?" "What for?" "To avoid getting nullified, and to win the game". Dot reboots into a Harlequin; black and white diamonds on top, black and purple squares on the bottom. They are bombarded with killer cream pies from the User, who is a very grotesque looking clown.

In the mean time, the decoding of Dot's password has yielded four columns. 1000111 (71), 1110101 (117), 1100001 (97), 1110010 (114). "Everything is going according to schedule".

Bob and Dot get sucked into the Fun House. Phong realizes that Dot has been affected by her failure more than he thought; he has to do something. Bob and Dot end up in a room with mirrored doors. Bob tries opening one, but gets turned into a marionette. It's all up to Dot now. Phong appears and says "I want to show you something". Everything slows down, "game over; User wins". Blackout.

Dot climbs out of a hole in the ground. It is the same size and shape of where the game cube used to be. The whole sector has been nullified, but Dot's still alive. The sky is an ominous gray, not blue any more. Dot sees that all the binomes now wear Megabyte's blue color. Checkpoint Charlie is for real now. Frisket has been branded with a UPC zebra code and is leashed. A big one-eyed spy robot comes after here. Her beautiful diner now says Nibble's Dinner..

Dot walks into what used to be her diner and finds all sorts of lowlifes hanging around, jumping on the counter, and eating raw nulls. Cecil has been scrapped, replaced by service Entry Unit Two Six . It informs here that this is not Mainframe, it is Megaframe. Enzo shows up in black leather, looking about 18 years old. He refuses to recognize Dot since is sister was nullified when she lost the game. When Dot asks about Bob, everyone laughs. Bob is living with old man Phong on level 31.

There she finds Phong's voice coming out of a large cardboard box that has a drawing of Frisket and the label "Databone". A sinister looking penguin walks past Phong has lost all his luster and speaks as if he is senile. When asked about Bob, Phong pulls out a cage containing a blue and silver null. "No one believes me, but truly, Bob here, used to be a great Guardian".

Dot laments that she destroyed Mainframe, and didn't even try. She wants another chance. Phong's strong voice comes out, saying "chance has nothing to do with it, child; the future is not determined by the through of the dice." Just then Megabyte's minions show up. As soon has Dot hears the name of Lieutenant Cyrus, she is galvanized into action. But they corner her, and the security spy drone removes her hair and leaves a UPC code stamped onto her forehead.

Then the nightmare ends; Dot is still in the Fun House. Going though the right door, she is stuck with a blue tricycle with a flat tire. The user is on a red tricycle. After dodging bowling pins and a gigantic bowling ball, the User reaches the final chamber first. His squirt gun has pushed the ball almost to the top; Dot kinks her hose to build up pressure and blasts the ball up to the bell first. User loses.

Phong explains that his Reality Distortion Engine has distortion waves that move back into the past and forward into the future to show her what the consequences of her actions would be. One side effect shows the result of the Energy Park being built, including another Data Slide.

MB is still trying to decode Dot's password and there is only blank column. The binomes are to be brought in, but Bob and Dot use an ABC to rescue them. The binomes still believe in her. The last column is cracked. But something is wrong. The file code has been broken, but the file is not there anymore. Dot had tapped into Megabyte's system and downloaded the PID file back into her organizer. She thanks Cyrus for his help, which causes MB to demote Cyrus to shoeshine boy