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Medusa Bug

Sorry I donít have a picture from this Episode

Written by:

Lane Raichert

Story by:

Lane Raichert, Ian Pearson, Phil Mitchell, Gavin Blair

What happen:

Enzo drags Dot away from her business for a breather. (She had been too deep in taking calls, looking after the Mitchell account, etc.) She is amazed to see that Bob has gotten his old car running.

Megabyte's armored stretch limo is seen coming out of Lost Angles. He stops to show Hack and Slash his latest acquisition; a box with the Medusa inside. Hexadecimal discovers that her secret weapon is gone, and starts after MB. She unleashes a crimson hoard of nulls. Hack and Slash, whom everyone agrees are not kept around for their brains, have to stop this threat. This time they actually do something intelligent - they lift up a section of the bridge until is breaks off and falls into the ocean. MB tells H+S to show her some of their toys as he heads back to the Tor. MB's minions bring up six armored tanks, with enough rockets and cannons to lay waste to an entire city, but all the projectiles bounce off Hexadecimal's force field.

Megabyte is proud of having stolen the Medusa, but has not determined what its power is. He presses the hexagon on the top, and the device activates. Too late MB realizes it is a viral bug. The bug turns MB arm to stone, then his whole body, and, with increasing speed, takes over the entire Tor and surrounding area. Hexadecimal is not sure she has done the right thing, infecting all of Mainframe with an unstoppable bug, but she cackles evilly anyway.

Meanwhile, back at the park, our heros are having a picnic. Unfortunately, it is in median of a freeway, only a block from the Diner. (Bob's car had broken down.) Enzo notices the nasty thing chasing after Frisket. Although the viral bug appears to be frightened by Frisket for a while, the dog soon turns to stone. With a well placed smack, Enzo helps get the car running. The immediately head to Phong for advice.

Phong states that the bug will affect everything it touches, but Bob may be immune, since he is a Guardian. The attack is not Megabyte's style; it is too chaotic, like Hexadecimal. And the longer an object remains infected, the more it begins to decay. Low energy (like signs) go first then high energy. (Phong shows a diagram with a Null, a Zero, a One, a Five, Water Cooler Head, and last a sprite like Dot.)

When Phong lets Bob look at the drawers in the system Vid Window, he asks for a Level 8 Desktop Rebuilder, but Phong merely goes blink, blink. All Mainframe has is a viral erase command (in the shape of a pink eraser). Bob tries an add-on to boost its power, but the eraser reverses the bug only temporarily.

Phong isolates the Center from the rest of Mainframe. All the links are taken down, firewalls cover the gateways, the ball on top retreats, and an impenetrable shield goes up. But the bug breaks through; everyone is turned to gray marble.

Bob breaks out of his shell and goes after Hexadecimal. Stone people, including Scuzzy, surround her. Bob tries physical fighting, and when that fails, switches to a logical battle. Now that everything is cast in stone, Mainframe is very predictable and quiet. No more random occurances. No fights with Megabyte. This is too much for Hex, who craves chaos. She counteracts Medusa with a snap of her fingers.

Everything is back to normal; Frisket is playing with Enzo, Dot is on the picnic blanket, and Bob says he'd rather take a long nap.