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Racing the Clock

Sorry I donít have a picture from this Episode
Written by:
Mark Edens, Lane Raichert
Story by:
Mark Edens, Ian Pearson
What happen:

Enzo has started a business at Dotís Diner called Enzo's Overwrite Delivery Service. His first customer is Megabyte, who wants Enzo to deliver a package to Hexadecimal.

Dot and Bob are in a storeroom on the lower level where Bob uses Glitch to mend a tear.  Just as the tear is mended, Enzo walks in announcing his first customer. He accidentally lets on that it is going to Hexadecimal,  which makes Bob and Dot think the package is a bomb. Glitch's x-ray function shows it to be a mask with a clock in it, not a bomb. Dot refuses to let Enzo go to Hexadecimal's place in Lost Angles. She said it was too dangerous and gets Bob to deliver the package instead.

Hexadecimal is in her lair, trying on her various masks, when Scuzzy reports that Megabyte is having Enzo deliver a DELETE command masqued as a mask.

Lost Angles is shown to be a dreary island, connected to the rest of Mainframe by a creepy looking bridge. As Bob flys his zipboard through one arch, he is magically transported to another arch heading another direction. "Why do I always get lost in Lost Angles?", he asks. He gets surrounded by a pack of Nulls, then a bomb falls and right before it blows up, Hexadecimal opens up a hole in the ground and brings him in. She refuses delivery, slaps the mask on Bob, and sends him flying in the direction of Megabyte's place. Enzo overhears HD talking about how the bomb is going to blow up right after bob reaches the Tor. Enzo goes and gets Dot to warn Bob.

They almost catch up to Bob when an incoming game descends on the city. Bob jumps into the game, and Dot drags Enzo in as well. The game is Formula-1. The first lap has racing cars, complete with a nitro boost; the second level has hovercraft going through a mine field; the third level is low-flying jet planes going through tunnels and loop-de-loop. Dot tries to get Bob's attention by driving a gasoline tanker truck onto the raceway.

Bob ejects in time, but the blast has caused game corruption, resulting in an infinite DATA/ELSE-IF loop. The implosion starts sucking in everything from the game. Bob saves a binome from being sucked in, and everyone ends up safely outside when the game cube implodes.

Enzo appologizes for not "copying and pasting the truth". Megabyte tells Enzo he's fired, which is just fine with the young sprite. Of course the replacements that MB has to deliver the next bomb are Hack and Slash. They return, with the bomb, stating that Hex says she already has one.