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The Great Brain Robbery

Written by:
Jono Howard
Story by:
Jono Howard, Lane Raichert
What happen:

Megabyte has second thoughts about hiring Mouse. He paid in advance and is worried, but Mouse shows up on her own sweet time, after slipping unnoticed past MB's defenses. She and Hack and Slash get into an ABC and Megabyte compresses it small enough to fit into a dropper. MB uses a Vid Window to pass the dropper to Sgt. Smiley.

The User's game was finishing up when the episode opened. Bob decides to get some refreshment and they all hop into Bob's car. The team goes to Al's place on Level 31 where Bob orders a Quantum Shake.

Sgt. Smiley pretends to be Al, and puts empties the dropper into a shake. Frisket growls when the shake is delivered, then Enzo asks for a sip. The troop carrier with Mouse inside gets sucked into Enzo.

Megabyte is using Mouse to get to Bob's neural interface, a direct link to the Supercomputer's access codes. She sets down and activates the remote that allows MB to control the brain's neurons. This causes Enzo to jump up and start acting strangely. Bob and Dot are concerned, so they take Enzo to Phong. Phong determines that Hack and Slash are inside Enzo's head.

Phong uses an old BPEG to compress Bob down small enough to get into Enzo. By the time they do this, MB has rewound Enzo's memory back to early grade school. "I'm a little source code, short and stout. This is my input, this is my out."

Megabyte is extremely upset with being inside Enzo, until he realizes that Dot has brought him to Phong - they are inside the Principle Office, past all the security. MB takes manual control and makes Enzo walk to Mainframe's central system core. This is where Bob and his speeder show up. Hack and Slash go into battle mode - rocket packs on their backs and their forearms replaced with missile launchers. Bob gets the two bozos to follow him until they run into their own ship. Bob is gloating when Mouse sneaks up from behind and uses her power ring to immobilize Bob with a stasis field.

Under MB's control, Enzo opens the locks to the central core.

Bob last saw Mouse when he arrested her for attempting to hack into the Supercomputer. Bob tells Mouse that MB's actions will cause Enzo to be erased in a power surge, taking all of them with it. She contacts MB and asks him about "toasting some little kid". "You know I don't do toast!" MB tries to sweet talk Mouse, but she decides for self-preservation and pulls the plug on his operation. Enzo comes to his senses and skeedaddles.

Megabyte strikes back by destabilizing the compression field. Bob and Mouse pick up the equipment, zap Bob's speeder, and try to get out of Enzo before they return to normal size. Bob pilots them through a roller coaster ride through Enzo's body, and get sneezed out just as full size occurs.

Bob greets the gang, saying "we did it", but Dot has a distinct look of jealousy as she demands "who's that girl". Bob goes to introduce Mouse to the others, but she is already gone. Nothing left but a Mouse signature on the door. Hack and Slash are returned to Megabyte after having been compressed to one half their normal size.