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In the Belly of the Beast

Itís the cat again.
Once again I donít have a pic.

Written by:
Mark Hoffmeier
Story by:
Mark Hoffmeier, Lane Raichert
What happen:

An old UNFORMAT command has been discovered in Old Man Pearson's Data Dump. Megabyte has Hack and Slash rough up Pearson, and Bob interferes. During the excitement, they drop UNFORMAT command whereupon Frisket eats it.

Poor Frisket turns greenish gold and semi-transparent as a result of the old sector-blanking command trying to unformat his stomach. In Dot's Diner, Bob checks Frisket's supercharged V8 engine, but he and Glitch can't do much for the dog. Frisket goes looking for Enzo, and meets up with the boy outside the Algorithm Theater. Hack and Slash kidnap Enzo in order to lure Frisket to Megabyte's territory.

Frisket gets locked into a large trap that looks just like the one at the beginning of Jurassic Park. Megabyte pushes him into the Deconstruction Tank. Enzo distracts Hack and Slash with his yo-yo, then uses it to turn off the containment field so Frisket can get away. As they are escaping, Enzo says "Gee, Frisket, these wires look important. It sure would be awful if something were to happen to them." Frisket does the obvious.

Enzo and Frisket end up in Megabyte's warehouse where the ICBMs and other big weapons are stored. One really mean looking gun actually fires a life raft.  They steal an armored shuttle, but Megabyte can run faster than they know how to drive. After giving Hack and Slash one more headache, they escape through the mail tubes. At the top of Megabyte's tower, Frisket leaves a present. They get  away, and Megabyte steps in what's left of the UNFORMAT command.